Our Whirlpool systems create a powerful massage from up to 16 strategically possitioned directional jets (6 or 8 side jets and up to 8 back/foot jets) fitted to the walls of the bath.

These jets are mixed with air to give the bather maximum pleasure and comfort. All our whirlpool systems have curved self draining pipework and a quiet 3/4 HP self draining pipe.

We can bespoke manufacture to your design providing it is technically possible.

With your 6 or 8 jet whirlpool, add 4 back jets or 2 foot jets.

Combine the whirlpool system with airspa on the base of the bath for an all round massage.

4 or 2 Back/Foot Jets

For larger or double ended baths add sets of 4 or 2 sets of micro jets to create a perfect massaging effect to soothe your back or feet (or both). Back jets shown in a ‘V’ formation to massage the muscles either side of your spine.