We have different Controls available to suit your requirements, budget and size of bath with many different upgrade options available.


System 100

Our entry level system is controlled via dual controls. Simply press the on/off button to turn the system on and off. The power from the jets can be increased or decreased by turning the other control clockwise or anticlockwise, making this system simple to use and versatile enough for all bath shapes and sizes.

System 200

Increase the power and performance of your system by upgrading to the system 200. The two button system has twice the power from a warm air blower which injects air through the water stream, supercharging the system to create the ultimate whirlpool sensation, the powerful turbulence creating the champagne’ effect. It will only operate if there is enough water in the bath (pump protection) and after your bath has drained, the system will automatically release air to dry out the jets (hygiene management).

System 300

The same power and performance as the system 200 range but with an elegant electronic touch pad. The sophisticated modern black design is enhanced by a chrome plated rim. The incorporated LED’s illuminate when a function is activated. The touch pad also comes with a function on the panel to control any LED lights incorporated on the bath.

System 500

The ultimate whirlpool system for control performance. This system has the same functions as the system 300 with the added benefit of variable and pulsating modes. You can increase or decrease the power from the jets to suit your own preference, or have the power pulsate continuously from high to low for ultimate stimulation. It also comes with a function on the panel to control any LED lights fitted.