LED Lighting


LED Light


Transform your bath by adding the very latest L.E.D lights. The sleek chromed light has 18 diodes creating a magnificent spread of light which will enhance the waters movement and add to your bathing experience. Unlike conventional halogen lights the L.E.D’s emit virtually no heat, making them safe and efficient to use (they can even be activated without water in the bath).

LED Light

Large L.E.D Light

White (WLEDL) Blue (BLEDL) Chromotherapy (CLEDL)

The same style, design and functions as the standard L.E.D lights but on a much bigger scale. These lights are 60% bigger and have 51 diodes emitting almost 3 times more light than the standard lights (18 diodes). Due to the size and performance of this light it is only recommended for large baths.

LED Lights

Chromotherapy LED Light


Colour and light have been used for healing since records began. Chromotherapy is the new therapeutic era of hydrotherapy, using 7 different mixes of colour as conductors of relaxation to change the aura in your bathroom.

Micro-Mood Lights


This lighting system utilises micro LED technology to bring a full multiple light chromotherapy experience to your bathroom. The 12 LED lights add a special atmospheric addition to the bathing experiece, providing micro lights that refract the many colours under the water. The system allows you to stop on the colour your mood desires or select the fade programme to automatically scroll through the colours.