Our Japanese deep soaking tubs come with a generous overall depth of 600mm; perfect for plunging and making use of difficult bathroom spaces.

There are 3 different sizes:

1100L x 1100W x 600D JT1
1200L x 1000W x 600D JT2
1400L x 1000W x 600D JT3

These tubs are unique and, as well as a different bathing experience in the deeper water, the Japanese soaking tub can double up as a generous
shower area when you have less time.

These new tubs and systems are manufactured in our UK factory and can be delivered in 2/3weeks fitted with the system specification of your choice.

Each tub is hand crafted and polished and we add as standard an additional strengthening resin coat, that adds rigidity, stability and gives additional
thermal qualities for extra heat retention.

Japanese Deep Soaking Tub
Example Above
 Japanese Deep Soaking Tub (JT3)
 1400 x 1000 x 600
 Tub fitted with WP1C8 8 Whirlpool jets and CLEDS Chrompatherapy Light
Japanese Lights

Image showing our WP1C6 6 Whirlpool jets and CLEDM 12 Micromood LED Lights upgrade.

Japanese Control

Image showing our System 500 controls giving varispeed controlling whirlpool turbo & lights.